Curriculum Vita

Sharon Presley, Ph.D.
484 Lake Park.Avenue, No. 24
Oakland, California 94610
  Office:  (925) 228-0565   


Ph.D. Social Psychology    CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK
                    GRADUATE CENTER
 Dissertation: "Values and Attitudes of Political Resisters to Authority"
                Chairman: Stanley Milgram



March 1999 – present           Lecturer

    California State University, East Bay (formerly Hayward)

                 Introductory Psychology
                 Critical Thinking
                 Psychology of Women
                 Social Psychology
                 Research Methods
                 Groups and Organizations
                 Social/Personality Lab
                 Individual Differences
                 Personal Growth
                    Developmental Psychology
                 Developmental Lab

June 1999 – Fall 2000      Lecturer
    Diablo Valley College

         Introductory Psychology
         Psychology of Women
August 1987 - December 1993   Lecturer
    California State University, Northridge, Fullerton

        Introductory Psychology
        Social Psychology (Lecture and Lab/Seminar)
        Developmental Psychology (Lecture and Lab/Seminar)
        Dynamics of Individual Behavior (Lecture and Lab/Seminar)
        Psychology of Women and Men
        Introduction to Women's Studies
        Introduction to Personality
        Abnormal Psychology
        Directed Research
Spring, 1992   Lecturer
      Los Angeles City College
      Special Education Program (PacBell Adult Education)

          Introductory Psychology

February - June 1991  Lecturer
        Glendale Community College

            Introductory Psychology

September - December, 1989   Adjunct Associate Professor
       California School of Professional Psychology
         Los Angeles

            Sex Roles

Summer 1988    Lecturer

    Pacific Graduate School of Psychology
      Menlo Park, California

        Social Psychology

August 1984 - May 1987    (Temporary) Assistant Professor

    Iowa State University
    Ames, Iowa

        Social Psychology
        Psychology of Women
        Environmental Psychology
        Developmental Psychology
        Normal Personality
        Graduate Seminar on Obedience and Resistance to Authority
        Graduate Seminar on Moral Judgment
        Graduate Seminar on Critiques of Biological Theories of
             Gender-related Behavior
        Directed Research
        Directed Reading    

Summer 1985, Spring 1986    Adjunct Professor

    Drake University
    Des Moines, Iowa

        Theories of Personality
        Psychology of Women

August 1983 - May 1984    Visiting (Assistant) Professor

    The College of Wooster
    Wooster, Ohio

        Introductory Psychology
        Psychology of Women
        Advanced Social Psychology
        Marxism:  Theory and Critique (team teacher)

September 1982 - June 1983    Visiting (Assistant) Professor

    Weber State College
    Ogden, Utah

        Introductory Psychology
        Psychology of Women
        Social Psychology
        Senior Seminar on the Individual and Authority
        Directed Research

Summer, 1982    Instructor

       College of San Mateo
       San Mateo, California

        Introductory Psychology

Summer, 1982   Instructor

      John F. Kennedy University (Upper division & graduate)
      Orinda, California

        Theories of Personality


Introductory Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychology of Women, Critical Thinking, Psychology of Gender, Developmental, Personality, Personality Development, Individual Differences, the Individual and Authority, Moral Judgment, Environmental Psychology, Research Methods (especially field and survey), Political Behavior, Social Influence, Women's Studies, Sex Roles,       

Journal Articles

Presley, S., Weaver, J. & Weaver, B. (1985/1986).  Traditional and nontraditional Mormon women: socialization and political attitudes. Women and Politics.  5(4), 51-77.

    Presley, S. (1985).  Moral judgments and attitudes toward authority of political resisters.  Journal of Research in Personality.  19, 135-151.

Conference Papers

Presley, S., Wagner, L., Hanken,A.& Vagner, I. Images of women in music  videos.  Paper presented at
Western Psychological Association, 1991 convention.

Presley, S. & Zur, O.  The New York vigilante dilemma: gender comparisons in moral reasoning.
    American Psychological Association, 1989 Convention.

    Presley, S.  Politically active and nonactive women: attitudes toward women and authority.
Western Psychological Association, 1987 Convention.

Presley, S. (1986).  Personality and social behavior.
Chair of panel at Midwest Psychological Association, Chicago.
Presley, S. (1986).  Mormon feminists and traditional Mormon women: differences in socialization. 
    Eastern Psychological Association, New York.            

Presley, S. (1985).  Attitudes of Mormon women toward authority and social equality for women. 
    Western Psychological Association Convention, San Jose, California.

Presley, S. (1984).  Moral judgment and attitudes toward authority in political resisters. 
Midwest Political Science Association Convention, Chicago.

Presley, S. (1983).  Mormon women: views on marriage and the family.
Ninth Annual GLCA Women's Studies Conference, Rochester, Indiana.

Presley, S. (1983).  Content bias in the defining issues test: a critique. 
Western Psychologocsl Association Convention, San Francisco.

Presley, S. (1982).  Values and attitudes of political resisters to authority.
American Psychological  Association Convention, Washington, D.C.

Presley, S. (1981).  Women resisters to authority. 
Association for Women in Psychology Conference,   Boston.

Presley, S. (1981).  Resistance to authority: a psychological perspective. 
Center for Libertarian Studies,  New York City.

Presley, S. (1980).  Obedience and resistance to authority.  Seminar on Perceived Psychological
    Freedom, Institute for Humane Studies, Toronto.

Presley, S. (1979).  Psychology of rights. 
Center for Libertarian Studies, New York City.         

Research Grants, Awards and Fellowships
   "Survey of Women Political Activists"
          Research grants, 1985-1987
          Graduate College
          Iowa State University

    Ludwig von Mises Fellowship in the Social Sciences
          Summer writing grant, 1983
          Center for Libertarian Studies
          New York City

    "Socialization of Mormon Feminists"
          Research grant, 1982
          Research and Professional Growth Committee
          Weber State College

    Hayek Fund Fellowship
          Travel grant to International Society of Political Psychology Conference, 1982
          Institute for Humane Studies
          Menlo Park, California

    "Early 20th Century Libertarian Women"
     Research grant, 1978
         Center for Libertarian Studies
          New York City

Related Historical Publications about Resistance to Authority

Exquisite Rebel: The Essays of Voltairine de Cleyre co-edited with Crispin Sartwell, with commentaries,
State University of New York Press, 2005. Choice (American Library Association) Award. 2005.
Outstanding Academic Title

"John Henry Mackay: the Anarchist", new preface to the Special Centenary Edition of
    The Anarchists: a Picture of Civilization at the Close of the Nineteenth Century,  New York: Autonomedia, 2000.

“No Authority But Oneself: The Anarchist Feminist Philosophy of Autonomy and Freedom,”  Social Anarchism, No. 27, 1999

“Ayn Rand’s Philosophy of Individualism: A Feminist Psychologist’s Perspective”
in C. Sciabarra (ed.) Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand, Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999

"Feminism in Liberty: the 'Woman Question' in the Pages of Liberty, 1881-1908," in Benjamin R.
     Tucker and the Champions  of Liberty: A Centenary Anthology, Coughlin Publishers, 1987.

"Individualist Anarchist Feminists: American Women (and Men) Resisters to Authority".  Presented at
       National Women's History Week, Iowa State University, March, 1985.

"The New Freewomen: Suzanne LaFollette," Libertarian Review, January, 1981.

"Suzanne LaFollette," paper presented at the Center for Libertarian Studies, 1980.
"Voltairine deCleyre," Libertarian Review, March, 1979.


    Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
    Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology
    Chair, Educational Equity Committee, American Association of
        University Women, Cerritos-Las Palmas Chapter, 1994-95

       Co-Chair, Publicity Committee, Association for Women in Psychology
            National Convention 1992 Planning Committee
       Member, Spring semester, 1985 - Women's Studies Program Committee,
            Iowa State University.

            Member, Committee on Sexual Harassment and Inequitable Treatment, Psychology Department,
             Iowa State University.

            Alternate, Spring semester, 1985 - University Committee on Women, Iowa State University.

            Advisory Council, Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology; Ithaca, New York


   Faculty Workshop: Using Blackboard in Teaching
        California State University, Hayward
         September, 2002

   Faculty Seminar: Using Computers in Teaching
        California State University, Hayward
        July, 2000

   Faculty Seminar: Writing Across the Disciplines
           California State University, Northridge
          August, 1990

   Faculty Workshops: Teaching Values; Cross-cultural Diversity
          California State University
           June, 1990


 Professor Stanley Milgram (letter on file)
             City University of New York
              Graduate Center
 Professor Wilbur Layton
              Former Chairman, Psychology Department
              Iowa State University
              Ames, Iowa

 Professor Richard McFarland
              Former Chair, Department of Psychology
              California State University
              Fullerton, California

Professor Robert Morgan
        American School of Professional Psychology
        Formerly of Pacific Graduate School

Dr. Allana Elovson
        Formerly of California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles

Professor Eleanor Levine
        Former Chair, Department of Psychology
        California State University
        Hayward, California

Associate Dean, School Of Science, Dr. Alan Monat
Former Chair, Department of Psychology
        California State University
        Hayward, California